Work and Play Going Together to Build Strong Relationships

Phil True
December 9, 2014

At Refreshing Mountain, we carry the strong belief that recreational pleasure plays a vital role in well-being as well as livelihood. There’s a lot more to getting out and about in nature and enjoying a few fun-filled pastimes in the company of others – and corporate team building is one of them. In a day and age which thrives on high-tech, fast-paced productivity and the relationship between coworkers is more important than ever, yet nurturing these relationships becomes virtually impossible in a hectic schedule, setting aside the time to develop a strong and interdependent team is the greatest asset a company can rely on.

A Progressive Approach to Employee Care

Companies have changed their nature considerably from several decades ago, when most operations were run by highly-skilled, small businesses. Now, larger corporations make up the economic landscape and it can be difficult to not only keep track of all employees, but make them feel valued in a way which is conducive to a productive workplace. Organizations have spent billions on research to determine how a company can maximize productivity simply by virtue of increasing workplace quality for employees, such as offering benefits like flexible hours, comprehensive coverage programs, and bonuses and pay rises. Other ways to make employees feel valued is to create a dynamic and pleasant workplace atmosphere which motivates and inspires workers, as well as offering a place to take a break when the going gets too stressful. This can range from the workplace policies which are set in motion to installing game rooms, gyms, showers and gardens etc. But most importantly, employees need the opportunity to integrate outside of work and workplace events are a great way to do this, ranging from pizza nights to karaoke.

These occasions give workers the chance to let loose and get to know one another, but even more structured settings can produce better results, and here is where corporate team building comes into play.

Individual Talent, Team Solidarity

Corporate_TeambuildingTeam building skills enable individuals to showcase what particular talents and experience they have. They can then help pass these skills onto other team members. The fact that each individual will have their own unique skill set allows for one teammate to compensate where another colleague may need improvement, creating a balanced skill level throughout the group. Engaging in team building activities provides a relaxed yet challenging environment in which to do this, where people must cooperate as a team in order to achieve set goals.

It’s a great way to build on problem-solving, foster creativity and utilize between one another who is best equipped to deal with a particular part of the challenge. It isn’t just about finding natural leaders, followers, and those who work best alone – in fact, much team-building work throws these roles out entirely, or at least gives people the opportunity to use them interchangeably. It’s about letting people show their strengths, but also give them support for trying out new tasks which are unfamiliar and potentially difficult. Showing support throughout this process is vital, and will enforce solidarity in this context which can be carried over to the workplace.

Building Friendships by Creating Memories

Giant Ladder Summer Kingdom TeamMany professionals may reason that workplace and personal life should be kept distinctly apart, and in some ways this is very true. But at the same time, being able to rely on a colleague the way one would rely on a friend can be a huge asset in improving relationships within the workplace. Teambuilding provides that essential opportunity for people to get to know one another not only for their skills, but for their personalities as well, and develop the chemistry which exists between them. Sometimes, it takes a fun setting where people relax a little in order to allow these aspects of a workplace relationship to develop. It is trust and communication which enables a team to not only understand how best to execute their task, but motivate them to succeed knowing that their colleagues are counting on them. Many businesses invest heavily in this aspect of team building for a variety of reasons, such as adopting a more open-minded attitude and averting stereotypes, and accepting people for who they are.

Best of all, team building ventures can be a great way to release stress. It can be the perfect way to recoup before a big project or wind down after and savor the achievement, and is an essential part of cultivating that happy workplace environment. And it’s also a great way to get back at a coworker by dunking them headfirst into the mud – just for fun, of course.

This is a freelance article contributed by site reader Sally Richards