What are the Teambuilding Challenges at Refreshing Mountain?

Phil True
June 17, 2014
Ok, so you’re thinking about doing a team building event and you’ve heard about Refreshing Mountain, but you’re not sure exactly what our team building activities are all about.  What will your group be doing while they are on-site?  Will it be fun for everyone?  How long do the activities and are they safe?   What will my group get out of participating?  In this article we give you an in-depth look at our team building challenges, what they are, how they work and the benefits they provide.

 Team Building through Problem Solving

Our team building challenges are designed to encourage your group ways to work better together.  We do this presenting your group with fun, interactive problem solving challenges that can only be solved through teamwork.  Our challenges are typically scheduled for 1-2 hour time blocks and are designed to work best for 8 – 20 participants.  We also work with larger groups by breaking down into smaller teams and running them though the challenges in rotations.  Each team will work through 3 – 4 challenges in an hour, where each of challenge is designed to emphasize the application of various positive character traits such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  We have 22 different outdoor challenges over 50 indoor challenges to select from.  We will work with your prior to your event to select the right mix of activities based on your objectives for the event, past team building experiences, age and physical abilities.  On the day of your event, our experienced guides will facilitate your group through each challenge, ensuring safety and drawing out the learning through the on-the-spot observations and questions.


Examples of Teambuilding Challenges

Our teambuilding activities are typically scheduled is 1 to 2 hours increments and involve a selection of 3 – 4 activities each hour.  We have over 50 indoor activities and 22 outdoor elements that are part of our program.  Each challenge combines a balance of physical and mental activity, with options for all skill and age levels.  We focus on the physical interaction because it’s fun, motivating and gets the mind thinking differently.  Our experienced facilitators work with the group leader to learn about the group and select the right activities based on your objectives, past team building experience, age and physical condition.   Examples of specific team building challenges:

Toxic Waste

In this team building activity, the group must work together to move “toxic waste” from one location to another using only the equipment provided.  This problem solving exercise requires the group to learn to communicate effectively and utilize the “give and take” principle.


Swamp Crossing

In this team building activity, the group must cross a “swamp” without getting “wet” using two parallel rows of logs by supporting each other.  If one person falls, all must start again.  The problem solving challenge teaches participants to rely on each other and that the whole team succeeds only if they all work together and look out for each other.


Straight & Right

In this team building activity, the group must find their way through a maze by making only right turns and moving forward.  The problem solving exercise teaches participants to listen to each other, follow direction and also encourages team members to provide ideas in a constructive manner.


Raging River

In this team building activity, the entire group must cross a “raging river” using only the “stepping stones” provided while staying “well grounded” to keep from being washed away. This problem solving challenge teaches participants to consider the needs of those that they are working with in addition to their own as they cannot make it across the river on their own.


Noah’s Walk

In this teambuilding activity, the group works in pairs to traverse V-shaped cables get that further apart.  The activity teaches participants to learn to trust and rely on each other.


Gossip Table

In this team building activity, the group works together to keep a large see-saw like platform balanced as they each get on.  This challenge teaches individuals to think and work as a group and let go of their need for individual control.


Data Processing

In this team building challenge, carpet squares are used to represent a computer circuit.  The group must find the path through the circuit in a certain amount of time.  Groups learn how to work together better, particularly in the area of organization.


Alaskan Pipeline

In this team building challenge, the group must build a pipeline from pieces of PVC pipe which allows “water” to travel a certain distance and the water cannot become contaminated.  Groups learn how to plan together and communicate better.

Benefits of Team Building Activities

The Small Group Research journal paper “Does Team Building Work?” analyzed data from 103 studies conducted between 1950 and 2007 and provides strong evidence that team building can have measurable, positive effects on team performance.  Specific benefits of teambuilding activities include improved goal setting, interpersonal relations, problem solving, and role clarification.  Another study showed that certain teambuilding activities, including field trips, physical and personal development activities, contribute to employees feeling valued which is a key need for any high performing team.  

Interesting in Booking a Teambuilding Event?

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