Reinforcing Relationships With Corporate Team Building Events

Phil True
April 17, 2015


In this fast-paced world where it seems impossible to go anywhere without seeing others talking or texting on some high-tech gadget, being so “connected” almost feels like a “disconnect” from building collaborative, authentic, real-world relationships. Here’s how corporate team building events can reinforce your relationships and make them stronger than ever:

Put the Trust Back in Your Working Relationships

Corporate team building events are a good way to shake off the rust after a long winter and help your employees focus on the importance of building relationships with their co-workers. Whether you’re zip lining through the canopies, helping each other through an obstacle course or just spending time talking about your families over a nice meal, corporate team building events help people recognize each other as individuals that are important to the success of a company.

Different Types of Team Building

There is no shortage of corporate team building events. Some, such as charity and food drives, are done in the office to benefit others while promoting a sense of teamwork. Others, such as adventure team building, are accomplished at remote sites that offer two advantages. One, by getting away from the phones you are actually able to focus on the tasks at hand. The second is that an outside event allows co-workers to see each other in a different light. Corporate team building events usually blossom when taken to a location away from the office that has structured activities designed to improve morale and leadership while accomplishing clear goals and objectives. Rather than design a team building event yourself, it’s well worth the investment to utilize a company with years of experience that provides both a safe and fun environment.

Work Together to Solve Problems

Business demands that employees cooperate to identify potentially-problematic areas of concern, conceptualize doable solutions, and consistently provide exceptional, world-class customer service. Unfortunately, the creation of personality conflicts and apathy over time can sabotage everyone’s best efforts. Get your employees out of the office for a day or two and head to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where the Refreshing Mountain adventure team has organized a number of corporate team building events that will rejuvenate and relax your entire team. Refreshing Mountain staffers have a long list of available exercises that they can tailor to your specific company needs. Your employees will renew their ability to depend on each other while developing communication skills and trust that will pay off back at work.

Make it an Annual Event or Reward

Much like a holiday party or summer picnic, corporate team building events are a fun and exciting experience that rewards employees for a job well done while building even stronger collaboration skills in the future.  Corporate team building events provide a great chance to remind employees of your business culture and affirm the importance of your company values. Scheduling an overnight retreat at Refreshing Mountain gives the benefit of structured events and some down time where workers can get to know each other better and develop friendships that foster outside the office. By committing to annual corporate team building events, you reinforce the belief that your employees are important and that you are willing to invest the finances and time to help them be successful. By showing your appreciation for each individual, you can expect an increase and dedication that will reduce turnover and create a more stable business environment. Corporate team building events can also be a fun reward for reaching a major milestone or securing a large contract. Your generosity will reap benefits in the future as your staff learns the values of communication and leadership.