Outdoor Team Building Techniques to Improve Communication

Phil True
August 9, 2022

When communication isn’t straightforward and robust in any group, problems arise. Poor communication begets frustration, whether in a relationship, amongst friends or between coworkers across a department.

Don’t allow communication struggles to lead to mistakes, quality problems, conflict, missed deadlines, lost opportunities, or other less than desired outcomes. Instead, work to improve and strengthen your communication skills and those around you. To get started, try these team-building exercises for work that will enhance communication and positively influence your group.

The Importance of Communication in the Workplace and Home

There is no denying how vital communication is in the workplace, at home, and in most other situations and settings. Confusion, chaos and more can go awry when communication gets misinterpreted. Communication helps establish common goals, showcase leadership skills, and build up an entire team when used correctly. It all boils down to effective communication needed to identify problems, offer solutions, and get messages across to keep things moving in the right direction.

A Friend Giving Another A Helping Hand To Ascend A Large Ropes Obstacle Course

Do fun stuff to boost morale, build communication, and bond

When you hear about corporate team-building exercises, you may think of stuffy corporate offices and HR departments forcing employees to engage in activities they don’t want to do. However, that is not the point of team building. The wrong team-building approaches can divide teams up even more instead of pulling them all together.

It’s essential to have fun when you engage in your team-building field trip and boost the morale of those participating. In addition, when you offer fun and engaging activities, you create bonds between coworkers outside of the office space.

Outdoor Team Building Activities At Refreshing Mountain Include Skill, Communication And Teamwork

Avoid embarrassing team-building exercises

Activities that call people out, are overly competitive, or require people to do things they’re uncomfortable doing shouldn’t be a part of your team-building strategy. Instead, building team spirit with a voluntary social event in a low-pressure, informal space should be your goal.

When your employees feel comfortable in the team-building setting, they can participate more authentically, strengthening the bonds they build with others on a fundamental level – not building on something superficial or forced.


Delegate roles early on

As you plan your outdoor team-building activity, try to delegate roles and responsibilities early on. Certain people will have to do certain things, whatever the activity, and establish expectations. Communicate what those roles look like and ensure everything is aware of what’s happening before the action begins. If you have to stop throughout, people may lose interest, feel embarrassed for not knowing what’s happening, or opt-out of the activity because they’re unsure what to do.

Create an outlet for team recognition

Rewarding successful collaboration creates an incentive for people to do it more frequently. Teamwork is essential for all employees, especially those on the frontline who may feel their role is trivial or others receive praise for their work.

Try to find ways to publicly acknowledge the hard work of effective teams, whether giving out awards in front of their peers or sharing their wins in a write-up that gets emailed to the entire team. Teams who win will continue to work well together – so celebrate those wins and encourage more collaboration.

A Woman Swinging From A Tree. Team Building Activities Include Highlighting Individual Skill

Be open to feedback

No team-building activity is ever perfect. Read that again. The sooner you accept that there is always room for improvement, even in your team building planning, the better off you will be for every engagement you plan. Not only should you be open to feedback, but you should welcome it.

Remember that the team-building efforts are for everyone on the team, not just the boss who determines your budget or the team-building facilitator who may feel a sense of responsibility for the event. If your employees had fun and feel like they learned something, consider your event a success and work towards improving your next one.

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