I want to do something fun!

May 1, 2014

Planning a Family Day Outing

“I want to do something fun!”– Seems like such a simple statement, right? As a parent it can send a wave of panic down your spine trying to come up with something to meet the expectation! A family day out provides lasting memories but the trick is finding something that will be remembered as a fun, bonding time and not, well, the opposite. If you are looking for something where you can be active, have fun, and enjoy being outdoors without going to an amusement park, Refreshing Mountain has a very unique opportunity for you.  While we do not pretend to hold the corner on fun family getaways, we do provide a great day event on beautiful grounds with benefits you normally can’t find in one location. Family_Zipline_Challenge Adventure_Kids

With Lasting Memories

A memorable family day should provide opportunities to work together and times for each person to have personal victories.  How can that happen with various ages and abilities?  Adventure activities can provide the ideal environment to accomplish both goals. If you come to Refreshing Mountain we have various packages based on the ages and size of your family or custom fit your own experience. A few of the activities are highlighted below but don’t miss going to our website for more activities as well as video clips, pictures, and more.  


Challenge Adventure Course  This unique Ziplining course will allow your family to feel the thrill of personal victory as you step off the platform and fly from tree to tree.  The Challenge elements bring out natural outlets to encourage the best in your children as they succeed at physical challenges.  Who knows, the kids might even get a chuckle out of watching Dad and Mom try the same obstacles they do!  

High Adventure Activities

The Climbing Tower is another physical challenge that a wide range of ages can succeed at. If your family enjoys some healthy competition, you can even time yourselves to see who can go the fastest.  The tower features four different sides each with a different skill level to challenge the novice through the experienced climber.  Inside the tower a Bouldering Cave was built for those wanting to try a different technique or those that would rather not be too far off the ground.

Low Impact Activities

If you are interested in something less strenuous but still unique maybe Archery, Sling Shots, or a Paintball Obstacle Course would be more enjoyable to your family. All those activities will provide more than enough activity for a goodnight’s sleep, but hopefully you can allow time for a swim in our refreshing pool.  The waterpark area is always a favorite and there are plenty of lawn chairs for parents to catch their breath while the children continue to play.  If some more unstructured time is appealing to you, we have a hiking path as well as a large, varied, playground for kids of all ages. If you are with us over a meal time, there is plenty of space to stop and have a picnic if you want to pack a meal or two. As if all that isn’t enough, why not stop by the Camp Store for an ice cream cone or snack before heading home? If you are looking for a location to host a larger family event or party, we have meeting rooms, gymnasiums and catering options.  For more information on any of these or other things mentioned in this article visit or website or call 1-888-353-1490.