Combining Fun & Education in a PA School Field Trip

December 31, 2015

Combining Fun &Amp; Education In A Local Field Trip

Combining both fun & education into a school field trip idea is one of the secrets to creating a perfect excursion for students. The best educational outing is one that makes an impact on a student so they remember it for years to come.

While as an adult you might love a visit to an art museum or famous, historical site… your students may not have the same opinion. To create memorable, fulfilling and yet intellectual stimulating experiences that are both educational and fun, we must tailor the event to the age group.

School field trips can, and should be fun. So what’s one way that you can ensure your students have a great field trip?

Try incorporating elements of what they like to do on an everyday basis.

Touch Museum in Philadelphia, PA

As we grow older, we can understand the natural and subtle beauty of standing back and admiring a great work of art. But kids are different. Their inquisitive minds want to examine things and have a real close look.

Just look? In reality, they would rather TOUCH stuff! That’s what makes the Touch Museum in Philadelphia, so special.

The Touch Museum allows children to engage with exhibits and get involved in a “hands on” way. The more senses engaged during school field trips, the better. Your students now can use their sight, hearing and sense of touch to learn and experiment. With all the wild and wacky objects to touch, your students will love every minute.

Chocolate World Tour in Hershey, PA

What child doesn’t love the sweet goodness of chocolate?

You’re not going go find a school field trip quite like this. At Chocolate World, children can sample chocolate from around the world and even see how it is made. Not only can students learn about the magic of chocolate, but also how children from different parts of the world enjoy chocolate.

Refreshing Mountain in Lancaster, PA

Getting outside to play is important for a child. Our kids today don’t get enough exercise so the more we can get them, the better. The ability to get outside and play is one reason why a Refreshing Mountain field trip is ideal for schools in the Lancaster area.

At Refreshing Mountain, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for students to enjoy, plus the Nature Studies program is one of the most popular with student. Groups enjoy the engaging programing and soak up the new knowledge like a sponge. When it comes to school field trips, Refreshing Mountain is a must visit.

While there is probably no secret formula to planning a successful field trip, designing one that includes the opportunity to explore, touch, taste, and learn will go a long way to ensuring that kids rush home to tell their parents about their special day!

Begin scheduling your school field trips today!