Choosing a Corporate Teambuilding Event

Phil True
August 2, 2017

Teambuilding is like a sandwich – lots of options without a clear definition for its content (Ham? Reuben? Bologna?).  Sandwiches are also delicious; though that’s beside the point of this post.   Choosing a corporate teambuilding event begins by understanding the intended outcome of events.  The intended outcome should be the starting point of any event search.

As the concept of teambuilding has become popular, the title is being slapped on everything from slathering coworkers in paint to sitting in a conference meeting.  Finding a way to navigate through the sea of options can be overwhelming.  Activities of all kinds can have value for coworkers and a business’s bottom line; however, understanding the intended outcome is critical to evaluate what’s best for a team.  Whether it’s fun outside the office, or an opportunity for growth and professional development, there’s an activity that suits the needs of your team.

Though activities are not always designated properly, two distinct fields are common industry standard: teambuilding and team bonding.  Use these distinctions as a guide for choosing an event that suits the needs of the team.


  • Follows a curriculum and is led by a professional facilitator
  • Provides experiential learning opportunities
  • Focuses on connecting activities with intentional debrief topics
  • Seeks to inspire personal and professional improvement

Team Bonding

  • Primary purpose is to build comradery through group activity outside the office
  • Reflection time or debrief is not part of the activity
  • Not a curriculum or learning based activity
  • Encourages participants to have fun and spend time together


For more information on teambuilding and team bonding, and to take a short quiz to see which is best for your team, click the image below!

Rm Team Building Vs Team Bonding Worksheet Image 1