Building a Team for Success

Phil True
July 9, 2014


Corporate team building activities are a great way to get the team out of the office for a day to let them regroup and come back feeling stronger as a team. The morale of a team is one of the most important aspects of productivity and quality of work. If your team already works together well, enjoys the projects they are working on, and produces quality results, maybe it’s time to take them on a team building activity to further strengthen their bond – and blow off some steam.

There are tons of facilities that offer both outdoor and indoor activities to bring your team together and show them what they can accomplish as a group. Most facilities even offer you the flexibility of choosing your own agenda for the day, so you can cater specifically to your group’s needs.

 The Power of Team Building InfographicThe Power Of Team Building


Qualities Team Building Focuses On:

Conflict Resolution

Team building activities work out conflict resolution in a healthy, intuitive way. When a disagreement occurs within an activity, the group is forced to resolve personal conflicts to successfully complete the activity. The team building exercise is a fun activity that doesn’t have added stress to it, so your team can learn effective ways to deal with these problems. Then, the team will be able to apply those skills to the work environment – should they arise.


Communication is key in the workplace. Corporate team building facilitates a strong sense of communication because the activities require clear messages to achieve the end goal. This skill lends itself to a work environment because clear communication will ensure projects are completed correctly, nothing gets lost in the shuffle, and all concerns are aired in an appropriate way.


Corporate team building activities are a chance for leaders to shine. You will see who your strong leaders are because they will rise to the occasion and take control of a situation. Also, how they handle a giving activity will show you their strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Those activities may show you – as the employer – a few new leaders who were not standing out before.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is the most common thing to get out of corporate team building activities. All of the activities are designed to make your team think and work together towards a common goal. This shared goal lets people’s strengths shine and lend their own expertise to the situation. This translates into the workplace when your team is better equipped to resolve difficult situations on the fly.


Your team needs to trust one another in order to collectively accomplish end goals. If your team cannot trust each other, they are doomed to fall short. Team building activities reinforce and allow trust to develop. When your team has a foundation of trust, each of them knows they can count on the others to do their part – or be there when they need it.


Finally, patience through team building activities is a valuable skill. Things don’t always work the first time and having the patience to try again with a level head is pertinent to each and every work environment. Team building activities are challenging and make you think outside of the box. If you aren’t willing to be patient, you will never complete the task. This is the same in the workplace. With a little patience, great work can be accomplished on an everyday basis.


Team Building Events at Refreshing Mountain

At Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center, we assist you in developing an excellent, productive team building event. Our activities are designed to help strengthen your team and provide a relaxing, fun environment to do so. We know the importance of a strong team and we are here to help. Our indoor and outdoor activities are all designed to be a blast all while working towards a common goal.

If you’re looking for a fun day out of the office to boost morale and have a great time doing it, visit our corporate team building page for more information.