5 Team Building Activities for Your Next Office Meeting

Phil True
November 8, 2016


Every office can benefit from team building activities. The best team building activities are fairly simple, repeatable and most importantly, purposeful. Let’s take a look at some fun ideas that will bring your co-workers closer to one another.

1. Spot the Truth

Pass out a sheet of paper and a pen to each employee. Have everyone write down four believable lies and one truth about themselves. Let each person read their statements to the group. Challenge the group members to determine which tidbit is true and which ones are false. Once the team believes they have identified the truth, let the individual in question state whether the group is correct and elaborate on his true statement. This team building activity allows co-workers to uncover insights about one another, especially the introverted employees.

2. Sharing Change

Oftentimes, when people learn more about one another they are more willing to work in unison and view things from another’s perspective. The Sharing Quarters activity involves passing around a bag of rolled pennies, dimes, nickels and/or quarters. Each person is allowed to take as many rolls as he thinks he will need for an undisclosed item. Once the bag has been passed around, each employee must share a fact about himself for each roll he took. This activity is especially beneficial for offices with new hires and those where people tend to work in a solitary manner.

3. Create a Product

    Challenge your team to conjure up a creative idea for a new product or design. Start out with a blank sheet of paper. Ask if anyone has any ideas for the product and let the volunteer write down his idea. Have him pass the sheet of paper to his right so the next person can add his own spin to the idea. Continue passing the paper around the circle until everyone has provided unique input.

    Allow each person to explain his idea after he writes it down or at the very end. This activity serves as a valuable bonding experience. It also allows co-workers to learn about how each approaches creative tasks and problem solving.

    4. What Grinds Your Gears?

      This team building activity will reveal important information about co-workers’ pet peeves. Though sharing such information seems like a common sense activity, it is rarely done in workplaces. Take turns sharing what ticks you off and you will learn all sorts of important information about one another. Encourage employees to take notes during this team building activity for future reference.

      5. Ball Toss

      Write some intriguing questions on a beach ball. Inflate it, have your team stand in a circle and toss the ball. As soon as someone catches the ball, he must answer the question closest to his thumb. Make sure the questions you write on the ball will elicit insightful answers from your office mates. Examples of such questions include inquiries about weekly goals, how one prefers to handle conflicts, what is one’s favorite food and where each person would like to go on their next vacation. This activity will improve communication between employees and give co-workers the chance to learn more about one another than they can glean from the typical small talk conversations throughout the workday.

      Team Building Activities can Help Unify Your Office

      Team building activities are a great way to bring group of people together around a common challenge, which is a great way to get people thinking, talking and communicating together. Refreshing Mountain has assembled a helpful eBook centered on the subject of team building with 13 different activities you can do right in your own office, complete with step-by-step instructions. Give it a read and you will obtain valuable insight into how to fortify your group and propel your team toward its potential.  Click here to download the free e-book today!


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