Renting a Cabin: The Ultimate Retreat

Phil True
July 2, 2014

If you’ve never had the privilege of renting a cabin in PA before, you’re seriously missing out. A cabin in the woods offers ultimate relaxation. You are greeted with the sweet sound of chirping birds to wake you up in the morning and you can lay your head to rest after a long day of hiking. What more could you ask for? If that isn’t enough for you, there are plenty of perks to choosing a cabin for your family getaway, a weekend with the boys or girls, or even a solo retreat to unplug and unwind.  You can find cabins in a large variety of styles and comfort levels. Refreshing Mountain’s cabins have a rustic feel while offering comforts for those that aren’t wanting to completely “rough it”.


Family Outing

A family getaway is a great experience for all because it offers a bonding experience with plenty of fun added in. The kids won’t be able to complain about being bored with all there is to do, especially if you chose the right cabin. There are many different options when it comes to cabin rental. There are cabins in the middle of the woods where you can be cut off from the world, but there are many different places that offer activities and amenities on-site. You will leave your getaway with the kids begging to come back again soon.

Men’s Retreat

Cabins also offer a great place for a weekend with the boys. You can all rent a cabin and head out in the wilderness to explore, camp, hike, and anything else you can imagine. Getting away from the wife and kids can be a good way to de-stress and get some quality time with your best guy friends.

Women’s Retreat

We didn’t forget about you ladies! You may be more deserving of a weekend getaway than the boys. A girls weekend in a cabin will allow you some much needed time with the ladies to relax in a stress free environment. Throw a game night, relax under the stars with a crackling fire, or go on a daylong hike. No matter what you do, remember to have fun!

Camping in Style

Cabins offer all the excitement of camping with some added bonuses! After a long day in the wilderness you don’t have to set up camp, you can just crash in a cozy cabin. You also don’t have to worry about bugs in your sleeping bag or getting caught in a rainstorm. Most cabins offer running water and showers as well. Cabins are a perfect way to slowly introduce someone to camping without “roughing it.”

Benefits of Getting Away

Getting away has many health benefits that people don’t often think about. Work and life often pile up before we even realize how overwhelmed we have become. Escaping to a cabin retreat will give you the time needed to recharge your mental batteries and calm those shaky nerves. It has been proven that those who take vacations to relax and getaway report having a better life satisfaction and less stress. It has also been reported that 34% of workers feel more productive after taking a vacation. A cabin getaway offers all the relaxation you could ever need!

Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center offers a pleasant cabin experience that is flexible for all types of groups. Our facility has anything and everything you could imagine for a perfect family-friendly retreat. We offer activities for the whole family, so there is something everyone can enjoy. Our cabins sleep 8 people comfortably and are fully equipped for a nice relaxing stay. Give us a call at (717) 738-1490 or visit our Cabin Rental page for more information.