Flexible Planning Policies Status

For All Overnight Contracts

Expires on July 31, 2021*

*All events occurring on or after August 1, 2021 will revert to the standard contract cancellation policies

Creating A Space for Confidence

After a long season of “COVID ISOLATION”, we believe people are in need of a space where they can reconnect and do it with confidence. Our heart is to give Retreat Planners the confidence to plan optimistically for events in 2021, without bearing a financial risk due to the unknown factors of governmental regulation or infection spikes of COVID-19. Therefore, we’ve enacted new ways that make it easier for you to navigate these times and hopefully lessen the challenges of planning your retreat.

What Do Flexible Contract Policies look like?

Flexible Contract Policies are temporary adjustments to the Terms and Conditions of all Event Contracts at Refreshing Mountain. They amend and/or supersede the Terms and Conditions as follows:

  • All Cancellation Terms are waived. If you need to cancel your event for any reason at any time, up to the day of arrival, you will not be charged any cancel fees or lose your deposit.
    • If you made a deposit payment after Jan 1, 2021, that payment is eligible for refund or to post toward a future event (your decision). If you had a deposit on file paid in 2020 which is posted toward a 2021 event, but the 2021 is canceled, the 2020 deposit payment is not eligible for refund, but the value can still be posted forward to a future event.
  • If the event can occur, final billing will only be for actual attendance. If you have last minute no-shows, especially if they are related to somebody quarantining, or becoming ill, you will receive full refunds for those attendees, even if they were included in your preliminary or final head count.
    • On this point, we encourage you to remind your attendees of the importance of NOT ATTENDING if they have potential exposure to COVID-19, for the sake of the whole group. They do not need to worry about losing any money if they do not attend.
  • No Contract Minimums will be enforced on contracts during this time. Any terms and conditions that relate to the Contract Minimum # of people are waived.  Refreshing Mountain asks that you work with us to release any space that you are holding but do not end up needing.  Also, if you are below your contract minimum, we will not apply the Free Group Leader Discount to the invoice.
  • Contract Maximums may be impacted by governmental regulation. As your event approaches, we will discuss with you if there are any requirements to cap your event at a number lower than the contract max.  This will be based on the space available and the regulations in place at that time.


Get Out of Jail FREE

Our heart is to provide a flexible way for you to book with confidence during this season.

Periodically we will review the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.  At these times, the Effective Date listed above may be extended.  Our intent is to review this policy every 30-60 days and extend these policies until the COVID-19 Pandemic disruptions are resolved.  We will give at least 15 day notice to all scheduled events before this policy expires, so that you have adequate time to evaluate whether to cancel while these policies are in place, or to proceed with the event after this expires.

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