Cabin Rental FAQ

Cabin Rental FAQs

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  • Each cabin has 2 bedrooms. One bedroom has a queen bed, the other has 2 sets of bunk beds (sleeps 4). Each cabin also has a living/kitchen area. This room includes a futon couch, futon chair, and various other furnishings.
  • The kitchen area includes a microwave, sink, Fridge/freezer, and electric range. The cabinets have pots, pans, utensils, bowls, plates, and cups. Each cabin is furnished with appropriate supplies for approx. 7-8 persons.
  • The cabins do have wireless internet access. The access code is available upon check-in.

Refreshing Mountain Facilities

  • The cabin rental includes use of the outdoor facilities including the playground, hiking trails, sports areas, pond, etc. The pool is also included during the Community Pool Hours (Seasonal.  Please also make note of the modest swimsuit policy). You should note that there may be times where other guest groups have reserved specific sports fields, and in those cases, the reserving group has the preference of space. Please feel free to check at the office for details of spaces that are available or not available.


  • Refreshing Mountain does supply dish soap, but any other cleaning agents you will need to bring with you.

Refreshing Mountain Facilities

  • The cabin rental DOES NOT INCLUDE access to any indoor areas at retreat center other than the cabin. This includes the Gymnasiums, meeting rooms, Dining Hall (unless meals are purchased), pavilions, and craft area.

NO. Pets, other than service animals, are not permitted in any buildings here on-site. We do allow pets with guests who stay in campsites/tent sites.

YES. The cabin rental includes sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, and wash cloths.

We supply pots, pans, utensils, plates, and cups. There is also a coffee maker. We do not stock any food supplies, including coffee grounds or tea. Dish towels and dish cloths are also included.

Please also note that the kitchen includes a microwave, stove top, sink, refrigerator, and freezer.  It does NOT include an oven.

We ask that from 11PM until 7AM, all activity moves indoors. Please be courteous to other camp guests and keep the camp quiet during this time. This means that any campfires or other evening activities should be wrapped up by 11PM. Early morning (i.e. 7AM) is a great time to go for a nature hike. The sunrise is wonderful, and the wildlife is beautiful.

YES. There are several fire rings in the cabin area that can be used for campfires/cookouts. Please note that we do not provide any grills, roasting prongs, etc. Campfires should be reserved ahead of time- we will set up your campfire and provide you with all the wood and matches. If you do not reserve a campfire location ahead of time come to our office to inquire on availability. Please note the following:

  • Campfires can only be built in a designated area (i.e. a stone or metal fire ring).
  • There are 5 gallon buckets at each fire pit. Use that water to put the fire out when you are done with it.
  • Due to the proximity of the forest and the cabins, it is imperative that campfires be kept small. DO NOT BUILD A FIRE WITH MORE THAN A 2 FOOT FLAME!
  • Campfire areas are located throughout the property and may not be directly behind your cabin. When scheduling we do our best to put you in a campfire location close to your cabin, pending availability (see below).
  • Campfire areas are “first come, first served”. There are more cabins than campfire pits, so sometimes all campfire areas can be full for the evening. However, campfires are great things to share and great places to make new friends, so maybe you will get an opportunity to meet your “cabin neighbors”.

On the date of arrival, your cabin will be ready at 4PM. Our office is not a 24 hr check-in facility so hours vary by season and day of week. If you cannot arrive during that day’s normal office hours we will try to accomodate your schedule. These details will be worked out close to the date of your check-in.

Checkout is 10AM on the date of departure. A surcharge of $50 per hour may be added to your bill if you are not checked out by 10AM.

Our cabins function much like some timeshares. You will asked to have dishes washed and put away, floors swept, linens pulled from beds, and trash tied shut so that our housekeeping staff can focus on the deep cleaning.  Further instructions will be given upon arrival.

  • All reservations require a 50% deposit of your total rental charges. A cancellation 14 days or more prior to your arrival date will result in a refund of the deposit, less a $45 cancellation fee. If you cancel 3 to 13 days before your scheduled arrival date, you will lose your entire deposit (i.e. 50% of the total reservation charges).
  • If you cancel within 3 days of arrival, you will be billed for the entire reservation.

YES, the base cabin rental price is for up to 6 people. A 7th-8th person(s) are welcome to be added at a cost of $15 pp per night.

Adventure Recreation:

We have a number of adventure recreation options. Ask the office about adding on the Ziplines, Horse Rides and Farm Animal Experience, the Elevated Obstacle Course, and the Explorer Package. Guests in cabins qualify for discounts on these activities.

We recommend booking these activities 2-4 weeks in advance, since they do often get sold out, especially on weekends.

Recreation Areas:

We have an easy to moderate hiking trail, a pond for catch and release fishing (we don’t supply any fishing equipment), and a large playground area. There is an outdoor court for volleyball and basketball, a soccer field, baseball field, and 2 sand volleyball courts. During the summer, the pool is also available during the hours that the pool is open to the community.

We have a number of adventure recreation options. Ask the office about adding on the Ziplines, Pony Rides, the Outdoor Exploration Package, or the Nature Discovery Package. Guests in cabins qualify for discounts on these activities.

Typically, these extra activities should be scheduled well in advance of arrival, since they do often get sold out, especially on weekends.

We have a buffet-style dining hall that provides meals for retreat groups. If we are serving groups during your stay you are welcome to purchase meals. Contact the office for times, costs, and other information.

Modest bathing suits are required.

  • For girls and ladies, this means a modest, 1-piece suit. We do allow for an opaque t-shirt to be worn over a 2-piece suit, and tank-inis are allowed provided that there is no midriff exposed.
  • For boys and men, we require board style shorts (no speedos).

We also expect guests to wear a cover-up to and from the pool area.

NO.  All lodging onsite is strictly Non-Smoking. We will charge a $100 penalty for smoking in or around the cabins.

Additionally, most of our property (including outdoor areas) is designated as NO SMOKING.  We host many children’s events and want to keep the “Young Lungs Safe”.  We are members of a PA state initiative to that effect, and you will see signs posted around the property stating “Young Lungs at Play.  No Smoking.”  Guests that need to smoke are asked to smoke in their vehicle away from any buildings/facilities.

NO, Alcohol is NOT permitted on the property.  Violators of this policy may be asked to leave without refund and will be charged a $100 penalty.

No, we do not. We are happy to rent separate units to house your group, but we will not rent out a single lodging use in this situation. This is a complex issue and warrants a more detailed answer. Please read further to understand the reasoning of this policy.

The conduct of our guests, while on our property, is extremely important to us. We have many policies that regulate guest conduct, so as to align it with our Mission Statement and Statement of Faith. These policies speak to the core of who we are as a facility, as we seek to foster a safe, wholesome, family-friendly, and Christ-centered atmosphere here for guests to enjoy. We host many groups that expect and appreciate this aspect of our property. For instance, Children’s Groups, Schools, Church Groups, etc. are glad to know that we are a smoke free facility, and/or that they don’t have to worry about being impacted by public drunkenness (i.e. our no alcohol policy).

In general, we don’t want a sexualized atmosphere on-site. This guides our modest swim-suit policy, and is also relevant to the question at hand. We ask that guests refrain from inappropriate public displays of affection and/or sexualized behavior on the property. We want our facility to be “family – friendly”, and we use a Biblical context to inform our definition of “family”.

We believe that there are many blessings that come from honoring Biblical principles/truth. The Bible teaches us the importance of marriage as the only context for sexual relationships, and also that marriage is designed to be between one man and one woman. We understand that not all of our guests will agree with us on this understanding of Scripture, which is fine, but similarly, we would be violating our conscience to knowingly provide facilities for use in what we believe to be an un-Scriptural manner.

For this reason, we are willing to rent 2+ lodging units to guests that identify as unmarried co-ed and or same-sex LGBTQ, in order to adequately provide for separation while sleeping, but we will not rent a single unit in this situation. Furthermore, it is expected that these guests, while on the property, will respect the other conduct-related policies of our facilities, specifically, but not limited to, the policies regarding PDA and sexualized behavior.

It is also worth noting that this policy is specific to Lodging rentals of the property. We offer many other services like our Community Pool, Ziplines, Adventure Recreation, Food service, etc, where there is no intrinsic conflict with hosting unmarried co-ed groups and/or same-sex LGBTQ groups. In doing so, we still expect that these guests will respect the “family-friendly” atmosphere of the property. There need be no sexual aspect whatsoever to these activities, and provided that our guests do not seek to flaunt sexual behavior while on-site (and thereby create a conflict), we will be glad to have you here.

No.  We may ask some questions at the time of reservation if we sense that the issue needs addressed, but otherwise, we will accept your word as “proof enough”.

No, we do not. This would include, but is not limited to, Nudist events, festivals involving alcohol and/or public drunkenness, LGBTQ Weddings, or any other event that celebrates conduct which is not aligned with morality as understood from a Biblical worldview.   For a more thorough explanation, please read the answer to the question regarding renting housing to unmarried coed groups and/or LGBTQ groups.

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