Wildlife Experience

Enjoy the Wildlife Center and Nature Trails

Reptile Exhibit + Birds of Prey Exhibit + Nature Trails (Private Tours Available)

This activity is open for bookings
  • Group Size: Small Group Activities
  • Duration: approx. 45-60 min
  • Details:
    • Guided Wildlife Center Tour
    • Reptiles Exhibits
    • Birds of Prey Exhibits
  • Additional restrictions apply (see below)
per person


Guided tour brings you face to face with fascinating Reptiles and Birds of Prey!

Our Wildlife Center is a unique facility with a specialized focus on Reptiles & Amphibians, as well as Birds of Prey. During the Wildlife Experience tour, you will see more than 40 species and follow your guide through 3 main exhibit areas:

  1. Native Turtle Garden. This is an outdoor exhibit where you will see our turtles and frogs native to Pennsylvania. (Seasonal exhibit. Our turtles hibernate in the winter!).
  2. Birds of Prey. This too is an outdoor exhibit featuring our birds of prey. See and learn about Owls, Hawks, and Falcons native to Pennsylvania!
  3. Reptile Building. The Reptile building is split into two exhibit rooms. First is our PA Native Reptile & Amphibian room which highlights the amazing species that exists right here in PA! The second room displays Snakes, Lizards, and Frogs from around the world. Some of the highlights in this room include – Rattlesnakes, Tropical Lizards, and our 14ft Reticulated python!

Expect on each tour:

  • Hands-on opportunity with at least 3 reptiles.
  • Learn about practical conservation of wildlife and their habitats.
  • See at least 1 feeding demonstration.
  • Ask your tour guide as many questions as you want!

The Wildlife Center incorporates nature trails, where you can enjoy the beautiful woodlands and wildlife habitat of our property.

You can reserve for PRIVATE or SHARED experiences. If registering for private please call our office, there is a base rate covering up to 12 people.

    Available Add-ons:

    Requirements & Restrictions

    • Age Group: 5+
    • Max Weight: lbs.
    • Skill Level: Easy

    Adult to Child Ratio

    Ages 5-7 Ages 8-12 Ages 13+
    Paying Adult REQUIRED Paying Adult REQUIRED No Adult Required


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