Private Pool Party Pricing

Pricing structured for your group size

# of People

Less than 60 ———–>
61-120 —————–>
121+ ————–>



Mon-Thur (Save)


Pool Parties (Private Use)

The pool at RM is a great venue for kid’s birthday parties. It’s available to rent privately for 1 hour and 45 min. time periods- in the evenings (7-8:45PM, 9-10:45PM), including Sundays. Mornings (9-10:45AM) available Wednesdays and Saturdays. The prices listed above include a pavilion attached to the pool area.

We are a Family Friendly Campus. With that in mind:

  1. Modesty Policy- our pool area has a modest swimsuit policy (1 piece or tankini with no midriff showing for females and board short style swimsuits for males)
  2. We do not permit smoking or alcohol
  3. Prior to booking please review our complete Pool Rules here.

Please use the booking button below or call the office at (717) 738-1490 to book a pool party.

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Special Pool Party Add-ons


For $47 you can rent a grill during your pool party.

Community Pool

Wanting to come earlier in the day? We have community pool hours and time slots for mid-day bookings.

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