An indoor adventure that makes you think outside the box

The Escape Rooms at Refreshing Mountain provide indoor entertainment for groups and are completely themed, designed, and built by the staff at Refreshing Mountain.

Our first Escape Room, “Funding the Dream”, features a live actor and a unique themed experience appealing to all audiences. After guests expressed interest in an experience geared for larger groups, we added an outdoor escape experience, “Refreshing the Zoo”. Room #2 is on the way with a theme built around the history of Refreshing Mountain. Room #3 will be a more “high-tech” experience. 

Room #1: Funding The Dream

Room #1: Ever wonder how 1950’s real world inventions came about?

We invite you to enter the “Patent Office” at Refreshing Mountain to discover inventions and overcome the red tape involved in getting your patent approved and funded. It will be up to you to choose your invention, get it patented, and get funding as you interact with our patent office clerk.

Come experience the joys (and frustrations) involved in rolling out an invention before the office closes! Perfect for birthday parties, team building, family fun, a group of friends, or retreats.

Room #2: Circle T Ranch

Beta Testing thru Jan 10.

Room #2: From chaos to organized, make Refreshing Mountain what it is today

Before Refreshing Mountain, a horse ranch called Circle T Ranch existed. Upon acquisition of the ranch, the manager of Refreshing Mountain discovered the property in shambles and through a series of events pieced the property back together. This thrilling (family friendly/not scary) escape room will take you on a journey you won’t want to miss. Can you help the manager bring order to the chaos, locate hidden clues, and discover all the veiled secrets? Parts of this escape room story line are based on actual events in Refreshing Mountain’s history and beginning days.

We turned up the heat on this one, giving you an hour but with more games to solve! Perfect for birthday parties, team building, family fun, a group of friends, or retreats.

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Escape Room Testimonials

ushus pradeep
ushus pradeep
20:34 19 Jul 21
We had a wonderful experience at refreshing mountains. Elizabeth and Joel were our tour guides for the zip line and obstacle course. They both were amazing. I was terrified to go on the zip line but Joel was so patient and helped me to conquer my fear. The escape room was also great. We had done various escapes rooms, this is one of the best. Overall we had a great experience.
Jeffrey Engebretson
Jeffrey Engebretson
10:17 11 May 21
We went there for the escape room. We completed the family escape room. We were worried it would be too easy, but it still had its challenges. The grounds were well taken care of and facilities were well marked. Great outdoor activities facilities.
Liz Maschkywitz
Liz Maschkywitz
04:18 30 Dec 20
We have been there for a few different activities and today we tried an escape room. We didn’t win, but had a blast and are absolutely ready to go back and conquer. The staff was super friendly and helpful. We felt very comfortable while enjoying our family time and the not so easy escape room. We highly recommend it.
Brent Keener
Brent Keener
03:22 29 Dec 20
Went to experience the new Escape Room, Circle T Ranch tonight. Our family has done several escape rooms in the past and enjoy a good challenge. This room met that need! A lot of fun, some cool surprises, and requires a lot of good thought… Thoroughly enjoyed our time and was well worth the money! If you’re looking for a fun experience for your family or group, I highly encourage you to give this a try!!
Michael True
Michael True
13:55 11 Dec 20
Whether it’s a family weekend stay in one of the beautiful cabins, or taking our granddaughters swimming and hiking, or having a blast in one of their escape rooms, or learning about creatures in their nature center, or whether it’s driving through 8 miles of Christmas lights to benefit local non-profit organizations, Refreshing Mountain is a warm and wonderful experience. The facilities (including the awesome zip lines!) are A+, as are the welcoming and extremely helpful employees. There is no better retreat center anywhere.

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Our Day Adventure bookings are unique in that we break large day groups into smaller groups of 20 max. Your group is able to rent out activities on an hourly basis meaning you get more bang for your buck. Each activity can accommodate about 10-20 (max) per hour. Our day group pricing has great discounts, see our pricing here.

More About the Escape Rooms at Refreshing Mountain

Our first escape room is a new addition to the variety of escape room options in Lancaster County and is completely unique, as the entire story was dreamed up by our incredibly talented staff. The storyline, theming, and the entire experience is very family-friendly. Additionally, the escape rooms will always be private bookings. We did a lot of research in this aspect, and we found it to be compelling that the escape room experience is much more enjoyable with a group of friends, rather than a group of strangers, so we adopted this model as the only way we will operate our rooms. It aligns with our mission of being a refreshing experience. Minimum billing per experience is for 4 participants, but groups of up to 10 can be accommodated.

Ideal for families, school groups, church groups, athletic teams, double date night, corporate team building and more, the Escape Rooms at Refreshing Mountain are a great experience for any group to enjoy.