FAmily Pool Pass




Community Pool 1

20 Session Family Pool Pass


20 Session Pool Pass
(avg. 1-2 visits per week)

40 Session Family Pool Pass


40 Session Pool Pass
(avg. 2-3 visits per week)

Add on Grandparents for $35/grandparent

*More information below.

This year we are offering Family Pool Passes for either a 20 Session option or a 40 Session option. The pass is good for all members of your immediate family for a Single Time Block session for up to 20 or 40 times respectively. Add-on grandparents for $35/person!

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase a Family Pass. When you do, you will receive a single code. You will receive a code configured to the number of people in your family and the number of visits you purchased. NOTE: A Family is defined as 2 married adults and all dependent children living in the same household. 
  • Reserve Your Space. Pool Passes are valid beginning May 18. You will reserve your space in advance under the “Single Time Block” option. 
  • Enter Your Code. Enter your code in the process of reserving your space.
  • Come and Enjoy!

Here are a few unique Family Friendly standards that apply to the pool area:

1. We do not permit pets, smoking, or alcohol.
2. Modest swimsuit policy (board short style swim trunks for males and a 1 piece or tankini with no midriff showing for females). See full Pool Rules here.

  1. Visit our “Single Time Block Pass” page.
  2. Tap/Click “Book Now”.
  3. Select your preferred date/time and number of people for your visit.
  4. Enter your Gift Certificate Code – “Apply promo code or gift card”. Use the “Promo Code/Gift Certificate” section.
  5. If you are bringing more than just your family members, you will be charged the extra guests, but otherwise, click “Book Now” and you are all set for your visit.

Please note that your pass is still subject to availability and pool session time blocks can be booked up to 8 days in advance.


Is this a Membership?

This is not a membership, but it is a discounted pass for your family. The past few years many have asked to have the flexibility to come back at a low cost for their family. We tried our best with discounted gift cards, which helped many but we kept searching for a better way. We have found that better way. These Multi-Session Family Pool Passes are perfect for families who like to enjoy our pool at a flat rate for up to 20 or 40 pool sessions. Purchase your family pass and enjoy our pool this season!

On average how many visits does a pass give you a week?

Great question! our season is about 15 weeks long. A 20 session pass would average about 1-2  visits per week, whereas a 40 session pass would average about 2-3 visits per week.

Is there a family size max to the Family Pool Pass?

No, but we define a family as 2 married adults and all dependent children living in the same household. You can add grandparents for an additional fee.

How many times is my Family Pool Pass good for?

Your family pass is either good for up to 20 pool sessions for your family or up to 40 pool sessions for your family, depending on which Pass you purchase.  It will expire at the end of the season and passes will not be valid after expiration.

Will my pass expire?

Yes, your pass will expire following the end of the season. If you do not use it for the full amount of uses, they will be lost. Use all 20 or 40 session passes for your family, we want to see you! 

What if I want to come for multiple session times on the same day?

Great question! You can do this. You will register for the “Single Time Block”, checkout using your code, and then do this again for the next time block on a separate reservation. Your pass can be used for any and all pool sessions each day but can only be applied to the “Single Time Block”.

Do I have to reserve my space in advance or can I just show up?

You will need to reserve online before you come to use the pool by scheduling through the “Single Time Block” option on our website. The great part is you can register your whole family and save!

What if I have to cancel my reservation due to change in schedule or rain?

Easy! You can do so by managing your reservation via your client terminal and can cancel up to the moment before the Session start time. If you cancel, the session will be restored to your Family Pass (the code you used on the reservation).

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