🎉 We are OPEN (Updated 4/19/2021). View our COVID-19 Response

We understand what life has been like this year

Just like you, we’ve been having to find creative ways to getaway with family and friends.

Right now, we’re so thankful for the opportunities we have to help you connect and refresh. Because of our expansive property and unique outdoor activity courses, we can help you get outside for a worry-free adventure.

Bringing you fun and worry-free social outdoor adventures

Refreshing Mountain Features:

  • We have 100+ acre outdoor property with plenty of space to spread out.
  • We have installed hand sanitizer stations throughout our grounds.
  • Enhanced sanitation procedures in place around the property.

Temporary guidelines in place for Outdoor Activities

  • Mask Info per PA Department of Health asks all persons ages 2+, unless prohibited by a personal health need, wear a covering over the mouth and nose.
    • Refreshing Mountain Staff: Our staff will be wearing some sort of face covering when in close contact with guests.  This could include a face shield, mask, or some other cloth barrier over the mouth and nose.  For outdoor activities, there are times where physical exertion makes it appropriate to remove this covering, but otherwise, especially when within 6 ft of a guest, our staff will have a face covering in place.
    • Refreshing Mountain Guests: Refreshing Mountain expects our guests will make a decision regarding face coverings based upon their health needs*.  Refreshing Mountain chooses to provide service to any guest, with or without a face covering, and guests should be aware of the possibility there may be other guests on the property without a face covering.  Given the outdoor nature of our facility, this situation is easily mitigated by responsible spacing of at least 6ft between guests and/or by booking private tours.  Refreshing Mountain encourages customers to maintain responsible spacing as they use our facilities and activities.

*Important: For HIPPA compliance, Refreshing Mountain presumes any person not wearing a mask in the above circumstances has a personal health need that super-imposes compliance with this guidance.

  • Private Tour Options– We are offering small groups the option to book private bookings at checkout. All tours must be booked in ADVANCE (No walk-ins).
  • Scheduling – At least 30 minute separation of start times between each tour.
  • Responsible Spacing – Guides will maintain recommended spacing from your group members, except at certain key safety points during the tour (i.e. harness checks, clipping/un-clipping carabiners, etc).
  • Good Hygiene – Handwashing before and after each activity.
  • Flexible Re-booking Policy – Any guests that feel unwell on the day of the event (see cancel policy).

Temporary guidelines in place for Indoor Activities (Escape Rooms).

  • Mask Info- See as above
  • Private Tours– We offer Private experiences, it’s just your group.
  • Scheduling– At least a 15 minute separation of start time between each experience for cleaning of high touch surfaces.
  • Good Hygiene– Same as above
  • Flexible Re-booking Policy– Same as above

      For Our Overnight Retreats

      Our overnight retreats are unique so we have developed information specific for these groups.