‘The Lydia’ – 319 Cafe Special


Slushy Summer Special! Come to Refreshing Mountain Retreat Center to get our cold Summer Special ‘The Lydia’ – Blue Raspberry Slushy blended together with Vanilla Ice Cream! Swirled. Creamy. Refreshing.

Ice Cream Day!


Every day is ICE CREAM DAY Every day is ICE CREAM DAY here at Refreshing Mountain Retreat Center. Make your ice cream even more delicious by adding toppings to your bowl at the 319 Cafe! Ice cream toppings include: Oreo Crumble, Rainbow Jimmys, Coconut Flakes, Torani Chocolate or Caramel Sauce, and Whipped Cream. Toppings cost…

We love our thick Milkshakes at the 319 Cafe


We love our THICK MILKSHAKES at the 319 Cafe. Our creamy ice cream is blended to a perfect consistency that comes right up the jumbo straw. At the 319 Cafe, we have over eight flavors for you to choose from… or simply mix n match up to three flavors to create your own! Use your…

Labor Day Weekend Cafe Special

Camp Store_Pool_Cafe_Food

LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Take a break from all of the busy-work, get your family together, and take 10% off any prepared food you purchase in the 319 Cafe this weekend. Café hours: 11am-7pm

The Gouda Panini [Hakuna Matata]


It might make you sing. . . Come to 319 Cafe at Refreshing Mountain Retreat Center to try the newest addition Gouda Panini [Hakuna Matata]. It has Turkey, Bacon & Spinach, with Smoked Gouda Cheese on Panini Bread! It might make you sing. . . “Gouda Matata What a wonderful thing Gouda Matata You will…

End of school celebration


It’s time for the… END OF SCHOOL CELEBRATION! Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy a refreshing Milkshake at the 319 Café.

Happy Independence Day!


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! On July 4th, 2018 celebrate at the 319 Café at Refreshing Mountain Retreat Center and get a Panini, Frappe, and Chips for only $8.25.



Free Slushy For Fathers! Happy Fathers Day from Refreshing Mountain! On June 17th, 2016 (i.e. Father’s Day), Refreshing Mountain is offering a free slushy to all Fathers as thank you for all they do. Come on into the camps cafe and buy your favorite dad a panini and get a FREE slushy. There are plenty of yummy…