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Book A Winter Retreat and Get Great Discounts!

When you book an event with us in January through March, you’ll set yourself up for savings on almost all our offerings – Lodging, Facilities, and Meals (not to mention discounts on our awesome activities)!


  • Weekend events for January through March will qualify for discounts ranging from 4-12%, based upon group size and lodging type.
  • 40% off Activity Pricing. Overnight Events January – March will qualify for 40% OFF of any activities that are scheduled (i.e. Ziplines, teambuilding, climbing wall, etc). This discount applies to any activities scheduled at least 60 days prior to the event start date.
  • Contact our Sales Team for Details.



  • 4% - 12% off Retreat Pricing based on group size and lodging type
  • 40% off Activity Add-Ons Add Activities to your Event for additional fun and savings.
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