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You Can Still Come! 

You may not be able to fellowship with everyone in your group like originally planned, but you can still bring yourself, your family, or a small group of friends to enjoy a refreshing and fun filled getaway at Refreshing Mountain!
Go hiking🥾, play a round of basketball🏀, challenge the zipline and obstacle course🎉, ride a pony🐴, see an owl up close🦉, win an epic card game with your competitive friends🤼, roast some marshmallows🔥 , sing songs around a campfire🎤, and much more! 
Come for the same dates as your original scheduled event and stay at a discounted rate in our Cabins or Lodge rooms! To see our best offers, click here
RM would still love to host you for whatever your needs are at this time. It may be a quiet personal getaway, a necessary change of scenery for your family, or simply a community reconnect with a small group of friends. Whatever the case may be, we’d love to have you. 
  1. Click here for more details on individual room rentals.
  2. And click here for Refreshing Mountain’s safety procedures during covid-19.



Getaway From Quarantine And Have Your Own Personal Stay!

Cabins and Lodges for Individual Rentals.

Discount is for lodging and cabins only. Availability at Refreshing Mountain's discretion. Not included in this discount: meeting rooms, adventure activities or meals. These things can be added to individual rentals if needed.

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