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Book A Cabin or Hotel Room at 20% Off!

Looking for an overnight getaway this autumn? Our cottage-style cabins
and hotel style lodges are everything you’re looking for! They were built in the woods of Lancaster with you in mind… providing a clean, restful, and wholesome opportunity to get away with the entire family and simply relax and have a fun time! Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a week-day vacation, you’ll love Refreshing Mountain. 

Special Autumn Savings Include:

  • 20% off when staying 2+ nights
  • 15% off activities
  • 3+ nights: all of the above plus a free Wildlife Experience
  • 5+ Nights: all of the above plus $100 toward activities



20% Off Minimum 2 Night Stay!

  • $119.20/night* *Reflects Cabin Discounted Price Sunday-Thursday (1-6 occupancy)
  • $159.20/night* *Reflects Cabin Discounted Price Friday-Saturday (1-6 occupancy)

Use Code REFRESHINGGETAWAYS when booking online

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Use code REFRESHINGGETAWAYS when booking to receive 20% discount on cabin or hotel room. Applies to 2 or more nights only. 11% hotel/excise taxes are applied at checkout.

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