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Per hour/group

Group Size: Large Group Activities (20+ People)

Duration: Approx. 60 min


    • 15-20 PERSONS PER HOUR

Our teambuilding problem solving challenges are specifically designed to help your group learn more about one another, as well as how to work together and serve each other. Scenarios will be presented to your group by our staff which the group must solve by working together. Each activity is designed to work well for groups of 10-20 people. For larger groups, you will be split into smaller teams to run through activities simultaneously in a rotation style format. Best suited for high schools, sports teams, and young adult groups.

*We accommodate 20 people max per group. For increased participation, group sizes 20+ are placed in smaller groups of 15-20.

    Want us to provide a meal for you?

    Add a buffet meal for your group to your activity.

    Age Group: 13+

    Skill Level: Easy

    Ages 5-7

    Ages 8-12

    Ages 13+

    Not Available

    Not Available

    No Adult Required

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