P 2496 Sling Shots

Sling Shots


Per hour

Group Size: Large Group Activities (20+ People)

Duration: Approx. 60 min


    • 15-20 PERSONS PER HOUR

    Test your accuracy on our sling shot target shooting course.  Each station can have 6 participants shooting at one time, which makes it an ideal activity for groups of all sizes.

    *Rate is per hour. For increased participation, group sizes 20+ are placed in smaller groups of 15-20. You will need 1 hour per group of 15-20.

    Age Group: 5+

    Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

    Want us to provide a meal for you?

    Add a buffet meal for your group to your activity.

    Ages 5-7

    Ages 8-12

    Ages 13+

    Non-Paying Adult Must Be Present

    Non-Paying Adult Must Be Present

    No Adult Required

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