The beauty of God’s Creation is easily seen at RMC. We believe it is important to give effort toward sustaining that beauty for future generations to enjoy. Here are some of the ways that we will be “Green” while hosting your event.

  1. Solar Electricity. In Sept 2010, we completed construction on a solar project which provides approx 30% of our annual electricity needs. This project was funded, in part, by a grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority.
  2. In the Dining Hall…
    1. We participate with a company called PlanetFry to recycle all of our frying oil. PlanetFry uses the oil to provide fuel for their vehicles.
    2. We have a food composting program. All of our food waste is separated from the other trash and is composted here on-site.
  3. We collect rainwater from a number of our rooftops and use this water to replenish the pool as needed. We can store up to 16,000 gallons of roof water. This is part of our Stormwater Management Plan.
  4. Over the past few years, we have been intentionally updating our facilities with more energy efficient equipment. This list includes
    1. Replacing furnaces which were approx 60% efficient, with furnaces that are 92% efficient (with 2 stage burners).
    2. Replacing T12 lighting fixtures with T5 lighting fixtures and reflectors.
    3. Installing motion sensors for lighting in conference and gym spaces.
    4. Replacing Sodium Halide fixtures with T5 High Output fixtures.
    5. Replacing every toilet onsite with more efficient counterparts, including several waterless fixtures.
    6. Installing flow reducers on every shower and faucet at the camp.
  5. When building Gym #2, we brought a mill on-site to convert the standing trees into lumber, which was used in the walls and ceiling of the structure.
  6. We are pleased to be in the service area of the Lancaster Waste Management Authority, which operates a trash incinerator-to-electric program. Our trash goes to this facility rather than to a landfill.

Being Godly Stewards of our resources is a Joint Venture between us and our guests. You can help us in the following ways during your retreat:

  1. Talk to your campers about turning off lights when not needed.
  2. Report faulty showers and toilets to RMC right away so we can fix them.
  3. Keep doors and windows closed to buildings so that the climate controls can run effectively. Talk to management if it is too hot/cold in any rooms.
  4. Talk to your campers about our Food Composting System in the Dining Hall. It is important to correctly sort the trash at cleanup for this system to work well.
  5. Shower only once per day, if possible.


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Storm Repair Update

Refreshing Mountain Storm Repair Update

March 21 (9:20 AM):

Happy Spring! We sure are feeling it up here, with the warm temperatures and renewed life all around.

  • Activities Status:
    • As of Monday our Challenge Adventure Zipline passed all necessary inspections and tests and is officially back up and running! Thanks to Treetop Quest and our crew, these ziplines are back to their prime condition- just under 4 weeks after they were damaged.
    • We anticipate the Aerial Excursion Zipline to be available come March 31. Stay posted!

To check our Zipline Tour availability and make a reservation, click here!

March 16 (4:40 PM):

Despite the 17 inches of fresh powder, we are working on our ziplines and giant swing.

  • Activities Status: Today they were able to reset guide cables on our Giant Swing. We are performing the necessary inspections, tests, and expect to have this activity open by early next week.

March 10 (8:00 AM):

We received three inches of snow and expect another few inches in the upcoming week but that's not stopping our crew!

  • Activities Status: New poles arrived and our crews are hard at work setting anchors for the guidelines that stabilize the zipline poles on the closed courses. We are ahead of schedule!
  • Zipline Bookings: Speaking of schedules are open online and booking is live, click here!

March 7 (10:40 AM):

The rain has slowed and crews are hard at work.

  • Activities Status: Our zipline builder and inspector gave the go ahead to open our Flying V and High Ropes course! Schedules are open online and booking is live, click here!
  • Forest Recovery: The past week we have been trimming branches from downed trees and prepping them for loggers to come in and remove. At this point conservative estimates are 50-60 trees have been recovered and more to address as we get past the initial border of our forest lines.

March 6 (12:00 PM):

This past weekend we hosted 200+ people with our overnight retreats. The weather was cold, but we accomplished more work and are excited about the progress.

  • Facility status: Thanks to Meadow Valley Electric (MVE) Group our solar panels have been inspected and repaired and are up and running.
  • Activities status: Today we have an inspector from our zipline builder, Climbworks, here to inspect and evaluate our ziplines. We should have a projection of when our zipline tours will reopen in the next few days.

We expect more great news, stay posted!

March 1 (4:00 PM):

The rain impeded us from completing some of our outdoor projects today, but none the less much was accomplished.

  • Parking status: Cleared all parking areas of downed trees and limbs.
  • Activity status: We restored our sling shot and archery areas and ensured the nature center critters and farm animals will be ready this weekend. In addition the climbing tower and climbing wall will be fully operational as well!

Feb 28 (4:00PM):

  • Communication status: Minutes ago our communication lines were restored. Email and phone lines are now operational. We can now begin returning your calls!
  • Building status: All damaged roofs have been weatherproofed and are scheduled for permanent repair.
  • Activity status: We will have pedal carts and teambuilding in full operation this weekend, with more to come!

Our staff along with contractors have been working tirelessly campus wide to clear debris and begin repairs. We are extremely grateful for our neighbors who have given their time and energy. We are extremely thankful for how God continues to provide. We look forward to the days to come and our retreats this weekend!

Feb 27 (4:00 PM):

Around 3:30 on Saturday February 25th, a major wind storm hit Northern Lancaster County and significantly impacted Refreshing Mountain. We sustained damage to several buildings as well as our Ziplines / adventure activities. Nevertheless, we are so thankful to God that no one was hurt during the storm. Also, we are grateful that so many people in the community are helping with cleanup and repair. Our Retreat Center ( lodging, meals, Recreation) is still open and ready to host the many groups scheduled over the next few weeks. But our Ziplines and other adventure activities are temporarily closed as we inspect, assess, and repair. We hope to have everything back up and running within the next few weeks.

Click here to read our press release regarding the storm and repair efforts

Check out our Facebook feeds for regular updates.