Refreshing Mountain Staff Bio Hannah Harnish

January 18, 2016

Sheep 3 Scaled

Although Hannah has worked in a variety of departments around Refreshing Mountain over the years, she currently oversees the Farm Animal Program and Riding Lessons – which is, by far, her favorite niche that she has filled at RM. What started as a personal hobby, shifted into employment opportunities at several farms around Lancaster County before finally becoming her primary focus and responsibility at RM. Hannah has always had a special interest in horses but thoroughly enjoys working with animals in general. She loves creating opportunity for visitors to learn about and have fun encounters with these amazing creatures.Horse Rides Summer Lesson Student Scaled Her fascination with horses began like most others — a little girl who wanted a pony for her birthday (and parents that hoped she would eventually out-grow the idea ). Unfortunately for her parents, she never outgrew the horse-crazy phase and eventually got her first horse when she was 13 years old. Hannah’s working experience from then until now centers around horses and riding instruction. She has been teaching riding lessons for over 10 years and gained her CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) certification in 2013. In 2019 she also completed her degree as a Veterinary Technician for Small & Large Animals, which she feels has only helped her to better care for the animals here on site. Other personal interests revolve around crafting the art of sourdough bread, documenting life through photography, creating and enjoying music, and using these gifts to build community.