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What’s the best part of working for your company?  What value or set of values do you most appreciate about your company and the way they do business?  Think about it.

People want to like where they work.  Inspiring passion for a company helps staff feel more engaged and excited about where the company is headed.  This activity set focuses on the values and physical location of your company.  This is a good time to evaluate those two things.

If a stranger asked a random employee about your company and its values – could they answer?  Are the answers so inundated in your company culture that each person would be able to answer identically?  A clear vision is a critical part of a company’s success.

How about the physical location of your company?  What do the four walls of your building say about the concern for staff and their comfort?  What does it say to your customers?  Budget is an obvious piece of this conversation and you won’t hear me argue that your place should look the the Taj Mahal, but it’s important to evaluate whether your space is welcoming to your staff and customers.


Use this week’s activity set to get employees thinking about their workplace and the values of the company. They are a relaxed and fun way to engage in conversation about the company’s present and future. 

Step 1:
Before introducing the activity to co-workers, the facilitator should review each activity to ensure no time is wasted when the group is present.

Step 2:
Read aloud the instructions and the given example to your group and ensure that all participants understand the activity. Additionally, you may want to discuss what challenges the participants may experience during the exercise. This can help enhance the reflection that will follow.

Step 3:
Participants should engage in the activity, followed by a brief reflection of what they experienced and how it relates to Company & Education. Continue with the next activity.

Activity #7

Office Trivia

Create 20-25 trivia questions about your workplace. Such as: “What color are the kitchen tiles?” “How many people are in the IT department?” “How many windows are there in the entire office?” “What brand are the computer monitors?” “What month of the year is most common for birthdays among our employees?”

Come up with a series of questions specific to your workplace and test your team’s knowledge. Allow them to pair in teams to go find answers or come up with answers together.

Have teams create your company coat of arms. In the first space, draw something that represents a recent achievement.

In the second space, draw something that reflects your company values. In the third space, draw something that represents where you see the company going in the future.

Post the finished coat of arms in your office.

Activity #8

Coat Of Arms

Building Vs Bonding Worksheet

Free resource to help you discern if your team is ready for team building or just in need of a little bonding.

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