Ultimate Guide to Escape Rooms: Mapping Out Your Escape Room Visit in Lancaster, PA

Planning your escape room visit

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to visit an escape room in Lancaster, PA. Your team may include friends and family, a youth group, or a work team. No matter the reason, the goal of an escape room is to solve puzzles and escape the room within a time limit, usually 60 minutes. Is your…

How to Keep Your Group from Losing Focus in an Escape Room


Maintaining Focus in an escape room for groups of any size can be challenging. What happens to groups when they get stuck solving a puzzle in an escape room? They problem-solve, use critical thinking, and talk with each other! An escape room requires that your team—whether it’s a youth group or a work team-building activity,…

Everything You Need to Know about Outdoor Team Building

A friend giving another a helping hand to ascend a large ropes obstacle course

It’s thrilling to go as a work team or a youth group to enjoy a day in the woods. The outdoors provides a place for rejuvenation, and the time spent in outdoor team building brings your group closer together. By the end of the day, you’ll feel like you made some new friends, you’re motivated…

5 Team Building Activities for Your Next Office Meeting


Every office can benefit from team building activities. The best team building activities are fairly simple, repeatable and most importantly, purposeful. Let’s take a look at some fun ideas that will bring your co-workers closer to one another. 1. Spot the Truth Pass out a sheet of paper and a pen to each employee. Have…