Refreshing Mountain Staff Justin Harnish

I have been living and working here since I was 4 years old.  Of course, my roles/responsibilities have changed over the years. Justin Harnish 2Currently, I oversee the Finance, Marketing, Policy, and Sales aspects of Refreshing Mountain.  As a child, I was “babysitter” for my younger siblings while my parents did camp tasks.  I also helped with some of the agricultural tasks.  Thru my teenage years, I helped in about every camp role imaginable at one point or another.  I helped clean, cook, run the store. I worked as a lifeguard, did lots of weed wacking and mowing, etc.  After high school, as I worked my way thru college, got married, and started a family, I continued to work at camp full time, usually in the areas of maintenance and foodservice.  We always either had a group to feed or a building project to work on.  I also started to help with group reservations; a role that grew for me, from 1-2 days a week initially, to a point where that became my primary responsibility.

Justin & Allison HarnishMy wife Allison and I met in high school and got married a few years after graduation.  We have lived onsite at RMC for 14 years, as “on call” staff for guests that need assistance “after hours”.  We have 8 children.  RMC has been a wonderful place to work, live, and raise a family.

There are so many fun camp stories to tell.  From the gross camp games I have seen played by guest groups (i.e. cow-tongue football, sushi slides, and chocolate-pudding-in-a-diaper eating contests), to the significant ministry times that we have witnessed, being part of camp ministry is an amazing experience.

When not at work, I enjoy playing guitar and piano, hiking, reading, and putting puzzles together.

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