Refreshing Mountain Staff Bio Jeremy Harnish

Jeremy Harnish. Aug 2012 (1)Jeremy Harnish was born at Refreshing Mountain and learned from a young age how to chip in and help around camp. Currently he is in charge of anything to do with the meeting rooms from set up to sounds systems to clean up. He also takes care of campfire set up, trash removal, and is the guy you call if you aren’t sure who to call! Jeremy does a little bit of everything.

Growing up on the grounds provides a great amount of memories and fun stories. One that Jeremy remembers with a smile iJeremy Harnish and Joel Bomberger. 2011s from late Spring when the water from the pool was being drained so it could be cleaned and filled. Jeremy and 3 of his 7 siblings took the family dog down in the water to give her a bath right there!

When not functioning in his jack-of-all-trades role, Jeremy likes to spend time in the woods, playing games with friends, doing outdoor activities, but also reading.  He has traveled to Mexico, Canada, and all 48 of the contiguous United States!