Post Covid-19 Adaptations for Retreats at Refreshing Mountain

Here are the steps we are taking to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 exposure during retreat events hosted at Refreshing Mountain.


Our Facilities

In general here are a few items we have done for a more refreshing experience

AirScrubbers, what are they?

  • We have installed Air Scrubbers Plus (UV HVAC sanitation systems)
    • They reduce over 90% of pathogens in the air
    • They kill 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses, and Mold (Airborne and on Surfaces)
    • They use Safe Kill tech: no chemicals are used, no residue, leaves only Oxygen and Hydrogen

Additional Mitigation efforts

  • We are routinely cleaning the common area spaces, such as bathrooms in the meeting rooms and dining room, and high-touch surfaces in the Dining Hall, office, and pool.


Same great lodging, with all the room necessary

  • With cabin and hotel style rooms, your group will have plenty of individual space to feel comfortable. Guest Services will help you with the lodging arrangements when you are ready for this detail.
  • In Bunks, there will be empty beds to space between guests, if desired. With the extra space, guests can spread out and also sleep “head to toe” in the dorm areas.
    • Upon request, Refreshing Mountain can provide additional cleaning supplies so that you can routinely clean the bathroom areas of the lodging during your stay.

Dining Experience

Same delicious food, served in a responsible way

  • We will follow the mitigation guidelines from PA Dept of Health, but in general this may mean staggering meal times between groups to allow more vacant seating space between groups, offering both indoor and outdoor seating (as weather permits), offering gloves to guests as you go thru the food lines, etc.
  • Guest Services will work with you to set meal times as you plan your schedule.


Customized private bookings means your group only

  • For larger groups, most activity time-slots are booked privately , just for your group. We have cleaning procedures in place between groups.  Talk to Guest Services about the private/public group options for Activities if you have more questions as to which activities this refers to for your event.

Contract Changes

With you in mind

We have made 2 important contract changes in response to COVID-19.  Each Overnight Event will have these terms added to their event contract.  These are meant to 1) give you more flexibility on the final count, due to the uncertainties of COVID-19, and 2) protect the retreat customer from the cancellation policy if a governmental action prohibits the event within 30 days of the event start date.

  • Flexibility on the Final Count
    1. Any guests that do not attend due to last minute sickness will receive a full refund of the costs. The maximum event credit for last minute sickness(es) will be up to 10% of the original final count, assuming that the reduced number still meets or exceeds the contract minimum # of people or Minimum Financial Obligation.
  • COVID-19 Disclaimer
    1. Both the Guest Group and Refreshing Mountain (RM) acknowledge the uncertainties of planning/hosting a retreat during the COVID-19 pandemic. While efforts will be made to mitigate the risks, RM cannot eliminate the possibility of COVID—19 exposure to guests while on the property.  Guest Group understands and assumes these risks by proceeding with event confirmation.  Additionally, COVID-19 concerns will not be considered a viable reason for relief from the standard cancellation terms of this event, unless a governmental action prohibits the event from proceeding within 30 days of the arrival date.

Things you can do to help


Before you come and while you’re here

Health pre-screening of retreat guests has always been good practice for camps, but now needs to be emphasized, and guests should be assured that if they cancel last minute due to sickness or potential exposure, they will get a full refund.  They should make that decision to stay home for the good of the community.  You may want to consider a questionnaire as guests arrive (or before they board transportation), asking parents to confirm that there is no recent exposure, or even a temp check if warranted.  Refreshing Mountain can provide a touchless thermometer for temp check throughout your event if desired.

  • If a person develops symptoms during your event, notify us immediately and we will implement our action plan to mitigate the risks to others.  The details of this will vary based on the situation, but we are prepared to address this issue if/when it occurs. (again, aggressive pre-screening will go a long way in preventing this occurrence).


Based on your health needs

Deciding whether or not to wear a mask is a decision that should be made based on the health needs of the individual.  Refreshing Mountain respects the right of each individual and staff member to make this decision based on their health needs.  Notwithstanding the above, there are certain activities at camp, like swimming or physically intense activities, where wearing a mask could pose a health risk.  For these types of activities, we ask that individuals not wear masks or else do not participate in the activity (i.e. swimming, obstacles courses, etc).  Contact Guest Services if you would like more specific direction on this guidance for your group.

Scheduling Considerations

Make time for smart practices

  • Scheduling Considerations
    • Build in “Handwashing Times” and “Symptom Check-ins” throughout the event.
    • Not all camp activities can happen at 6ft distances, and that is ok, but at the same time, that doesn’t mean we can’t rethink certain things. Consider ways to
      • Create smaller “camper pods” of 5-10 campers, and keep campers in the same “pods” for lodging, activities, discussion times, etc. as much as possible.
      • Lower the amount of shared equipment in group games.
      • Plan activities that don’t require as much close physical touch.
    • Pool Time will have to be planned a bit more precisely since we will be capping the “max capacity” to avoid overcrowding.  This will actually be an added benefit for your pool time (i.e. less people there), it just has to be planned out differently.  Talk with Guest Services about this more.

Who We Seek

Last but not least, Pray for Safety.  Again, this is one of those things that is just common sense, but it is worth calling attention to it, as we humbly ask for the Lord to watch over the camp experiences and protect us from dangers, both seen and unseen.  The promises we have through Him of Hope, Peace, and Protection haven’t changed because of COVID-19 and we know that He is Trustworthy in all situations.

We look forward to planning an exciting, refreshing, and rewarding experience with you.