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Our Goal

We believe that the best way to inspire kids to admire and respect nature is to have hands-on experiences in nature.

That is what we strive to accomplish with every one of our environmental education programs.

Our Environmental Education Programs are designed specifically for groups that are on-site here at Refreshing Mountain. Perfect for School Field Trips, Homeschool groups, Scouts, and Church retreats!

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What We Offer

Wildlife & Ecology Programs

Birds of Prey:

See our live Owls & Hawks up close! This Program discusses the biological adaptations that raptors have, such as – keen eyesight, talons, and beak that allow them to be effective hunters. Learn about the importance and diversity of these amazing animals. This program also covers the historic use and effects of DDT, along with the modern-day risk of pesticides to all wildlife.

Pond Life:

This program explores our freshwater ecosystems. Participants will learn about the creatures that live in these habitats and will have the opportunity to collect small samples from our pond for an up-close look at the aquatic invertebrates, frogs, and other life found there. Guidance will be given regarding conservation of the ecosystems, proper handling, and “catch and release” techniques.

Wildlife Woodland Walk:

Learn about Pennsylvania’s beautiful and diverse forest habitats! Participants will be guided on woodland trails through our property. Topics covered on the walk include mammal diversity and furs, the importance of pollinators, basic tree biology, invasive species, and conservation of habitats. Participants will also be given the opportunity to search for bugs and salamanders under rocks, try to ID Songbirds, and more!

Reptiles & Herpetology Programs

Native Reptile & Amphibian Conservation

Pennsylvania has some very interesting reptiles & amphibians. Some of which are threatened or endangered. Discover the habitats, adaptations, and natural history of PA’s snakes, salamanders, frogs, turtles, and lizards. Learn how some frogs can freeze during the winter months, how to tell the difference between copperheads and non-venomous mimics, and how some salamanders breathe without lungs!

Reptiles & Amphibians of the World

Learn the differences between reptiles & amphibians, the important role they play in the environment, and the great diversity of these fascinating creatures. Participants will see live specimens from the jungles of Indonesia to the deserts of the southwest, and everywhere in between!

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