Equine & Farm Animal Program

Horse Riding & Farm Animal Experience

Our goal for the Farm Animal Program here at Refreshing Mountain is to step away from the traditional “petting zoo” idea and to instead, introduce these critters in a hands-on, interactive opportunity for everyone. Educating kids and adults alike about general animal handling and proper interaction is what we love to do!

These programs are designed to give children an opportunity to interact with farm animals. Participants will:

  • learn general safety guidelines for interacting with large animals
  • have a chance to pet, groom, and feed the animals
  • ride a horse
  • Farm Animal Experience_Alpaca_Women_Summer
  • Pony Farm Animals
  • Farm Animal Experience_Pigs_Children_Summer_Hannah
  • Goat Farm Animals
  • Farm Animal Experience - Children with Horses in Summer

Large Groups (9-19 and 20+ Participants)

We have modified the small group package to accommodate large groups by splitting up the experience into two separate activities, the Farm Animal Experience and our Horse Rides. We will plan a few weeks in advance with you and your group to schedule one or both of these activities.

All of our Farm Animal activities strive to provide an engaging and enjoyable opportunity every person involved.

Want a one-on-one experience with a horse? Check out our separate private horseback riding lessons

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