The Nature Studies Program

The Nature Studies Program

(For groups of 9 or more.)

This program is a wonderful way for students to learn about environmental science and ecology in the great outdoors! We currently offer three different nature studies to choose from, each one cover different material.

This is a very popular program with our field trip and birthday party groups!

  • Nature and animals studies program in Lancaster pa
  • reptiles and amphibians program in Lancaster pa
  • amphibians and reptiles program at refreshing mountain
  • Nature Education program at Refreshing Mountain
  • Refreshing Mountain Nature Program Wild life and native animals
  • woodland study furs. Nick W.

Nature Program Group Studies

Studies last roughly an hour*

Our Pennsylvania Woodlands
The woodland study includes learning about Pennsylvania’s plant and animal life and how they work in concert with one another to create a healthy environment and why it is necessary to protect it.  Participants will learn about bugs, trees, mammals, birds and their habitats, to identify edible vs. harmful plants within those habitats, and discover why many of these creatures are threatened, endangered, or extinct.

Reptiles & Amphibians
This study teaches the differences between reptiles and amphibians, the important role they play in the environment, and the great diversity of these colorful, fascinating, and often times misunderstood creatures.

Pond & Stream Life
Here students will be exploring our freshwater ecosystems. They will learn about the animals that live in these habitats and will have the opportunity to collect small samples from our pond for an up close look at the aquatic invertebrates, frogs, and other life found there. Guidance will be given regarding conservation of the ecosystems, proper handling, and “catch and release” techniques.

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