#LightForAll Calendar and List of Non-Profits

See Calendar below listing Non-Profits and their featured weekend

November 26-28:

🎄TNT Youth Ministry –>🎁Donate to TNT

🎄The Bridge Youth Center –> 🎁Donate to The Bridge

December 3-5:

🎄WJTL –> 🎁Donate to WJTL

December 9-12:

🎄REAL Life –> 🎁Donate to REAL Life

December 16-19:

🎄Align Life Ministries –>🎁Donate to Align Life

December 22, 23, 26:

🎄Good Samaritan –>🎁Donate to Good Samaritan

Dec. 27-29:

🎄Durlach/Mt. Airy Fire Company –> 🎁Facebook Page

Dec. 30, Jan 1, 2:

🎄Gateway House of Prayer –>🎁Donate to Gateway House of Prayer

Jan 6-9:

Bad Weather Back Up


👇🏽Important information👇🏽

Helpful Drive Thru Details

🚗 Drive part way through and park your car in our Main Parking area, get out and enjoy our Christmas Light Walk.

📻 Tune your radio to 94.3 FM for Christmas music 

Please reference the map below for Drive Thru orientation. Tap/click image for larger image.

Visit our Cafe

Enjoy some warm beverages, 🔥 a campfire, and lights as you walk our property!

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Drive Thru FAQ’s

There is no admission. We simply want you to come and enjoy. If you are able to donate, 100% of the drive thru proceeds will be given directly back to the non-profits featured that weekend.

Yes. There will be designated parking in our large parking lot, about halfway through the drive thru experience. Registered vehicles are welcome to park there, get out and walk to our cafe (which will be serving warm beverages) and to our adventure area- these areas will also be full of lights!

We expect high volume on Saturdays so recommend coming on Thursday or Friday nights if you want to park and see additional lights.

We highly recommend advance reservations prior to coming. If years past are any indication, availability may be limited. You can choose your adventure and book online here. 👈🏽

Otherwise, if you get here and want to check our availability, using your mobile device (click or tap the link above ☝🏽) unregistered cars may not be able to park in our parking lot. If we have space, we’ll gladly fit you into a zipline, wildlife center and observation deck, or escape room experience should you be interested!

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter the date, you can submit a donation online using the links above, any time.

We are choosing to feature 1-2 organizations each weekend. Any cash or checks received from that specific weekend will go towards the featured organization(s).

How Can We Help You?

or Call us at (717) 738-1490